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  •    Grimwood Heating Pty Ltd Grimwood Heating Factory

    Grimwood   Heating   Pty   Ltd

    ABN: 24 004 554 929
    Tel:+61 3 9872 7474
    Fax:+61 3 9872 7444


    Whether you are looking for replacement elements and controls for domestic appliances, special elements for industrial applications or even certified heaters for hazardous areas no other Australian company offers a wider selection, faster delivery or more user friendly engineered designs than Grimwood Heating Pty Ltd.

    Many of our customers have found that using Grimwood elements results in improvements in their production processes, while significantly reducing defect rates.

    Great selection. Fast delivery. Increased product quality and reduced defects for lower overall costs. One name. Grimwood Heating Pty Ltd.

    Download one of our free white papers covering Domestic Water Heating, Replacement Elements for European Appliances or even Hazardous Area Electric Heating highlighting the benefits Grimwood can give you and your customers.

    Browse the up to date online catalogue for product to meet your needs.

    Send us a “Hot Quote” request for an individual element.

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